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Historic Humarock information

2003 Humarock
Volleyball Tournament

2004 Humarock
Volleyball Tournament

Citizen of the
Brian Mahoney

past citizens...

Humarock.com goes to
Saratoga Springs... 
 Jay Mac's Story:

"from Marshfield
to Singapore"

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the documentary

humarock.com goes camping on the Sacco River!

Humarock Beach
 42o12'N  070o43'W


Mike Downing and Brian Mahoney sneak out to an undisclosed
location on humarock beach tonight (May 15) to catch the first fish of the season
way past Mahoney's bedtime.....


Local residents recently got together for a pre
Memeorial Day weekend party in Rincon... ...
pictured (l-r) Cunio, Damian, Chuck, Danny Hassett, Matty T, Flawless,
Jay Mac, Erik (kneeling)
not pictured: Mike Downing (passed out even though it's like the middle of the day), Tito,
Jeff Hassett, Kelly fromt the bridgwaye, Magic, and KC

Humarock.com goes to Nicaragua.....

New Citizen of the Month! Jay MacDonald.....


Historic map of Humarock

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